Foraging start for Autumn

With a new website comes a new blog feature that we did years ago, but bringing back now.

Joe found the amazing after having a conversation with one of our hotel guests & decided to take Leona for dinner. If you fancy something totally unique & you love food & drinks, these folks will not let you down, the night was incredible.

The night then lead Joe to create a number of new cocktails for the list, including an amazing hedgerow sling & the next level espresso martini that has been getting some incredible feedback in the past weeks.

It's also made us realise that through all of the lockdowns & disruption to trade, we really should get out more ourselves! So, starting with this November lockdown we are heading out for a few days, grabbing the tent, sleeping bag, pans & heading into the countryside (for work, obvs) & heading to see some of our famers & the land. More stories to follow....

Stay safe, thanks for reading ❤️

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